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Villa Santa Tecla 


June - July  2022

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Villa Santa Tecla


Giardino Villa Santa Tecla
Giardino Villa Santa Tecla

Villa Santa Tecla 

It's time to go on a vacation! Take advantage of our offers! We can help you enjoy some beautiful EXPERIENCES in the rich land of Umbria, between spiritual, cultural, naturalistic and gastronomic itineraries.


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Bosco San Francesco
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The main attractions


Assisi is one of the most visited cities in Umbria: San Francesco and Santa Chiara lived here, and these two figures make Assisi the main religious center of the region, a favorite destination for many pilgrims. The modern city arose without affecting the structure of the ancient city: a series of narrow streets connects the various squares arranged on different levels and guardians of the entire history of the city. In the pre-Easter period the atmosphere lives as never before.

Nocera Umbra 

Called the "City of Water" it represents one of the pearls of Umbria, with a tower on top of the fortress of the city (open to visitors) and numerous itineraries to follow. Located in the center of all the other Umbrian cities, it makes it ideal for stays in the region. City famous for its springs, for its history linked to St. Francis of Assisi, and for the numerous works contained in it. In spring it presents numerous themed events that make the town unique in its kind, ready to make you spend a festive and at the same time religious pre-Easter period. Just 25 minutes from Assisi


It is the oldest town in Umbria which has preserved its medieval aspect, both in the buildings and in the streets. A worthy town in Umbria, Gubbio has a landscape that is as uniform as it is sublime: a repetitive but still wonderful landscape. In spring, its bright streets and its colors make it a must-visit destination. It is only 30 minutes from Assisi

Castelluccio di Norcia

The Castelluccio plateau located about 1500 m above sea level and characterized by a climate with a truly pleasant spring with breathtaking views. These peculiarities, together with the characteristics of the soils of the valley, make it possible to obtain a product that is unique in the world. In spring it is a destination for walks with specialized guides. 70 minutes from Assisi


For years now, the period of Easter and pre-Easter in Perugia has been one of the liveliest in the region, with many proposals aimed at both adults and children. Perugia in this period does not deny expectations: events, shows and much more will enliven the squares and streets of the city.

Just 20 minutes from Assisi


Bevagna is a village of Roman origin that experienced a certain prosperity during the imperial era, thanks to its strategic position along the Via Flaminia and its port on the Topino river, a navigable tributary of the Chiascio, which in turn flows into the Tiber. Rich in history, Bevagna in spring is full of numerous themed events. Just 25 minutes from Assisi


Roman era are still evident, although Spoleto retains, with its characteristic narrow streets, the appearance of a medieval village. Not only art, but Spoleto promotes important cultural events; first of all the Festival dei Due Mondi: a review of cinema, theater, art, music and ballet. In spring, its markets return, rich in typical Umbrian products. Just 40 minutes from Assisi.


La porziuncola - ASSISI -


Il Borgo di Nocera Umbra 

anfiteatro Gubbio

Anfiteatro Romano Gubbio

Castelluccio di Norcia

Castelluccio di Norcia


Fontana Maggiore Perugia


Piazza Silvestri Bevagna


La rocca di Spoleto

Summer 2022 in Umbria

Come and experience one of the most beautiful times of the year in the green heart of Italy


Why Umbria, why Assisi

Umbria, a very particular territory with a great history and scenarios with truly suggestive details, is the destination of a vast tourism from all over the world. You can boast numerous cities of art and medieval villages that are often enlivened with themed events and shows, and the local cuisine has very refined flavors that are hard to forget. Assisi, one of the best known destinations, is always at its best in every period of the year, moreover, not to underestimate the other places such as Nocera Umbra, Gubbio, Castelluccio, Perugia, Bevagna and Spoleto which close the cechio of the 7 Umbrian Wonders.